- [Video] Ferrari with Lego -

This is a animation that describe the costruction of a ferrari with lego.

[DivX Mpeg-4 Fast Motion][38sec][740Kb][320x240]

woa… cool!
Though in the last bit the car drives a bit too slow to please the eye :slight_smile:
I mean… hey… it’s a ferrari

And did you make the lego-parts yourself, or did you get them from a 3d-libary?

no, the part is make by me, a cube with cylinders! :wink:

Nice, but

when in the making part: the camera doesn’t really show what’s going on with the bits in th bottom
when in compositing part: too slow movement (maybe make it like someone prod it) at the start, and when i’m expecting it will accelerate on the slope, it doesn’t.


very nice , i really love the lego concept and the compositing work!

realy I like it…

it’s realy funny… :wink: