Video for band Mumiy Troll

I with my brother and Flakonkishochki have made a spot for a russian band Mumi Troll. In this project we with my brother combined 3d with 2d. I’ve accumulated some experience with cartoon rendering. :slight_smile: All 3d is done in Blender (modeling, animation, render (with Freestyle option))

music and lyrics by Ilya Lagutenko
produced by Ilya Lagutenko & DZA
video art and idea - Flakonkishochki
animation by Mikhail Kalinin & Flakonkishochki
3d animation, modeling - Dmitry Kalinin

More info about Mumiy Troll:



Mikhail Kalinin

sex, drugs, rock-n-roll!

Лагутенко как всегда.
Хороший наркоманский клип, я посмотрел до конца.

I mean, WOW!!!

Amazing and professional work! You can make some short animation movie in this style, that would be awesome too! :slight_smile: 5 stars from me.

Ten stars! This is a good music video in the greater world of professionally done music videos. Just comparing it to other blender videos is almost pointless.

Blender users take note!

This is what it looks like when you make your tools work for you, and not the other way around!

Superb example.

wow :slight_smile: superb work.

Wo - this is super fantastic. A really creative video, and I love the way it sinced to the music.

Wow, thanks for the acid trip hahah.

Really awesome work though. Gallery-material definitely!

Man this is very cool and well done! I wish I could hear this in English, but to compensate I made up words to myself :stuck_out_tongue:
The use of freestyle and the artist Flakonkishochi’s art really complement each other :slight_smile:


Thanks, guys! :slight_smile:


I found myself anticipating each new room to see what new dementia would await.

That was great!!

Aww man… :frowning: I wish I could see the video, but it’s not available in my country. D:

A_MA-ZING!!! Great video! Excellent idea and well executed!

i just watched this 3 times in a row. i love it!

Coooool! Thanks )

Lalealy: sorry :frowning:

If my transit were like that, I’d be happy to get on the train. :smiley: Excellent!

I would love to know how you did it.

Good job! Podhadjashij klip dlja Mumiy Troll. :slight_smile: