Video for the front page of my website

This is the first video, or anything serious for that matter, I’ve ever made in Blender. It is an “ad” for the work that I do professionally that will go on the front page of my website. I used Blender and After Effects to create this animation. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Other then the name of your website, what else did you do in blender?

Pretty cool. I like the fact it’s quite short and sweet. The only thing I wasn’t keen on was the gradient on the services texts.

I originally made two videos, the name of my website and the services, in Blender, but between the render time and the setup both taking too long for the second one, I moved the work to After Effects to save time. That video of my web address took over 3 days to render on my current computer. Making the services part in AE took 20 minutes to Render in AE, and it is longer. After I get my new computer built, I plan to re-make the services in Blender and put the two together in AE. I’m also going to see about using the Blender shatter effect too, as I like it better than the on in After Effects, I’m just not sure if I can shatter a video.

I think you can do most if not all the video entirely in Blender.

To reduce render time, I have been trying to use the compositor to do more of the workload. So after you import the resources, it’s only a matter of distorting the images so they seem slanted, enlarging the size of the images so they seem to becoming closer, while moving the images slightly off to the side.

The only parts that would require the render engine is the title sequence(which you have rendered), the explosion of circles (probably could be done with a particle system, and the video that shatters.

Currently Cycles doesn’t support video textures so you will have to use the Blender Internal Renderer. I don’t see this as a problem as a Video texture usually emits light and is not affected much by the world. Shatter does work with video textures, but I had to unwrap the model after I applied the shatter. I found the “unwrap from view” most useful when I was looking straight at the object. I did have some problems with the size of the unwarp in the UV image editor, but that probably can be solved with a math node to multiply the UV cordinates in the material node editor. An alternative is the explode modifier. The shatter tool is really great for 3d objects, but the video object is only a 2d plane. A explode modifier might be better.