Video formats for ultra high resolution video wall

I have the opportunity to use a large video wall for displaying animations or images. The logical resolution is 10080x4200 (24 TVs linked in a 6 x 4 arrangement). Blender can only go to 10000 but that’s ok for now. I was wondering if anyone knows what video encoding formats might support very high resolutions like this. Even if its 4000p or something that would be ok because it could be scaled and would still be higher than 1080p.

I tried rendering some images at that resolution and building a avi out of them in Blender, but when I tried to play it back it had some issue like it couldn’t initialize the video driver to that high of a resolution. I tried looking around a bit but too many other things come up, I’m sure this isn’t a common problem. :evilgrin:

Check out the latest Blender Foundation movie in 4K resolution. You will see that Ton has hacked a multi monitor output too.
You would need serious compression for those resolutions or multiple synced playback units. Also bear in mind minimum viewing distance. As the human eye cannot resolve detail at a certain distance from the screen. You may not need such fine resolution after all.