video formats

well, I asked a question similar to this not too long ago. It was about file size.

Now I want to know the best way to save those videos. For starters I use windows.

I have always chosen something from the list of video/image formats under format. Are the codecs there the only ones you can use? Which gives best quality? Would I get better results if I rendered each frame as an image and put the images together with another program?

  1. You should be able to download and install any codec you want and have it be accessible in blender. If not you might need to go to your user preferences and put the button down that says “Enable all Codecs”. (In System and OpenGL)

2.Many people use DivX and Xvid because they have high compression with little loss. I like Indeo Video 5.1 (I think thats right) just because its a pretty common codec, though it is a little lossy. Apple users and Windows users alike like Sorenson 3 encoded .mov files as they are fairly lossless and good. Only thing is they require an application that supports quicktime to edit.

3.You can do better compositing effects like this, but its not necessarily required for simple tests. Also you don’t need another program to put them together, Blender can do it via the sequence editor.

thanks! Now where can I download these codecs

Not necessarily “better” but you’ll certainly have more flexibility. Further discussion:

Keep in mind that blender does not support the NTSC framerate of 29.97fps, but uses 30fps instead. Some video editors don’t like this, esp. if blender’s output is to be combined with other video footage in some way. Recommend VirtualDub for combining frames into complient video.