Video FX Editor in blender.

It would be cool if there was a VideoFX editor in blender , there you could mangle video like after fx does , you could load videos right away without having to add a plane , a material , a texture , and give it the right format.

you would have a window where you edit the video like in after fx , add layers etc…

I think it shoulndt be difficult to do , blender allready can edit video , add alpha channles , mix it , composite it .

All we need is a window where you just drop videos and they are there with the right size , ready to mangle.

After would come the cool features like motion tracking , changing the color of a t-shirt with a click like after fx. etc…

What do you think ?

Blender’s compositor is primarily concerned with compositing 3D images. Everything else is secondary. Neither of these programs will ever mirror the other’s capabilities.

You can drop video and stills into Blender and begin editing and compositing them without the need to paste them to 3D geometry via an image node or the UV/Image editor window. You only need geometry to perform 3D trasnsforms on the images.

Blender is much more capable thatn you give her credit for but it’s up to you to come up with creative solutions.

If I could have one request, it would be the abilty to have a featherable mask that I could draw in 2D overtop of video in the VSE. Also, the mask needs to be animatable. This would go a long way towards having After Effects (or FCP) style masking in Blender. Would also allow for rotoscoping.