Video FX for Editing - Resource Wiki Page Down -

Hey Guys, when I visit the

From tne Blender wiki it gives me a 404.

I’ve been using Blender for a while now, but since my computer can’t handle much, I’m still learning from the basics up. Stuck might i say.

ATM I’m doing some Video Editing, and can’t find any add ons, plugins, to add Video Effects.

Most that I have found are from like the year 2002 and even in the page it says that it causes Blender to crash, those I have found in user or developer homepages. None usable.

No kidding I have been looking for cool video editing add ons for like an hour today and 2 hours yesterday and found none.

I am looking for Effects to apply to Video (Traces FX, LSD looking FX, Glitch FX, Kaleidoscope FX, etc), not like “Video Camera Stabilization” add ons.

Where should I look?


I mostly make my fx with gimp or blender itself but that kaleidoscope thing sounds epic. Wish someone made one.

I’ve seen some video add ons that do just that but they’re from 2002 and crash Blender. Haven’t had the time to look for more editing add ons.

Blender used to have a video plugin architecture, it doesn’t any more.

With Effects you have to build it yourself, using the VSE Strip modifiers you can make various picture filters and keyers etc. But there are no actual FX filter addons. Sorry.

Thats why you got the 440 error.

Check out my youtube channel and my sketchbook in the sig below for some examples.