Video Game Character Texture help

Hi guys and girls

Just Downloaded Blender and started learning bits and pieces, got it mainly to create minecraft animations for my fiancees youtube channel so having alot of fun there (and making some progress)

however i would like to do a project of my own and i have got the character models from one of my favourite video games and have the textures aswell, however unlike changing say blocky minecraft textures using the terrain.png to use on a single point there is one image which im guessing makes up the who character. i an Extremely nooby when it comes to blender so i didnt know what to look/search for or where to start. so i hope its ok i made this thread. heres a screen shot to show what i mean

The full 3D Model

And 1 of the texture files ripped from the character file

how would i go about getting the individual parts onto the 3D model?

sorry again for the noob questions but love blender and want to learn lots more