Video Game / Franchise that oozes STYLE

I’ve been doing some research on stylish games. I can’t seem to track down any research in this area. Can anyone point me in the right direction to any thesis, articles or even simply recommending games that have their own very unique styles.

By style I mean that the games simply sold us on style alone. We’d see this game and jaws dropped on how unique the ‘look’ is. Yet still work well within its genre. Anybody mentioning Final Fantasy or any realistic FPSs or Sci Fi I will just state the obvious. Yes stylish, but it’s like a steak, so well done that its become dry meat.

Much appreciated. :yes:

I like overgrowths massive environments and in general toned down nice ambience.

My first thought was the “Myst” series. Even though everything was pre-rendered for its time people thought that game was special (even though it was a boring as hell!) I’d say Blizzard’s Starcraft and the original Warcraft games were quite stylish RTS games when they were first released. The Doom series, more specifically Doom 3, were quite stylish for gore and Doom 3 really was the beginning of realistic looking games that we see today (more advanced shaders, DX9 I believe?) Mortal Kombat found its niche by offering a more gory fighting game and really sold on the WOW factor as opposed to technical skill required in other pure fighting games, namely Virtua Fighter. I’m sure there is much more too.

Shadow of the Colossus, Ico, Okami… I thought this would be much easier. :confused:

It’s strange that the three that sprung to mind are all PS2 games. Am I getting out of touch or are game visuals stagnating?

Oh, the grey matter is working again…

Space Giraffe is another that has good visuals and is not a cookie-cutter fps.

Barbie princesses: Undersea Mermaid Adventure. :RocknRoll:

I found zelda the windwaker (and its sequels) to be quite unique stylewise, atleast I hadn’t seen it done before.
Okami definitely
maybe borderlands?
maybe team fortress 2?

Have you checked cgsociety’s showcase articles, I think there was an interesting one about the style of tf2.
maybe there are some other interesting ones as well.
That’s as much as I can be of help, good luck!

Windwaker, Cel Damage, Viewtiful Joe, Samurai Shodown 1-4, but these are all fun games as well. I guess Dragon’s Lair/Space Ace could be considered all style with pretty crappy gameplay.

No comments on gameplay… just style…

Grim Fandango, Oddworld, Angry birds, madworld, parapa the rapper, space channel 5 (and my own “operation creature feature” for ps3/eyetoy!.. for a £3.50 game it had ridiculous production values…

Beyond good and evil. Not John Travolta stylish, but a style and personality unto itself.

World of goo! :smiley: but this should be in off topic :wink: