Video game themes

I need themes for a game. I am making a marble platformer, it will be separated into several worlds each with their own theme, the first one (the tutorial) is going to be graphic-less i.e. you can see the collision boxes and nothing else. everything after that i want to have proper graphics. I am planning on a rock and lava theme (think of the nether from Minecraft), a cloud theme (so many bad puns with this one) , and a space theme (i can mess with the gravity). If anyone has any other ideas they would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Make a toxic waste theme :D.

It’s not a game without a ruined temple level

Perfect, I could do something Indiana Jones style (A must for every good video game),

Perfect as well, thanks. I could try something kind of like the first world of pac man world 3

Under water…coral reef?

ever played Half Life? Counter Strike? now THERE are some really cool levels in those games… Long time since I played… but the levels i remember include a nuclear-power-station thing, and there was a shipyard (one level was set entirely on a ship)

This, and listen to the song while reading the comic.