Video game weapon model

Low-poly weapon model made for a game built in Panda3D. This is one of my first models, so obviously not the best. Took me about 4-5 hours.

You can follow my game progress at

Comments and critiques appreciated. :slight_smile:

Pretty good. it looks alein of some sort.

Reminds me of a graphics card. :wink:

nice textures - did you draw them by hand?

Yes, I drew the textures in Inkscape, then added some rust and noise with GIMP, then generated the normal map with the GIMP normalmap plugin.

Hmm… You might want to smooth some edges a little bit, that’s one of those things that immediately caught my attention…
Can you post some orthographic/wire renders of the gun? The textures also seem somewhat out of place to me… I mean their positioning, not the images themselves.
Aaand yes… Seeing this in-game might make a totally different impression :wink:
Keep it up :slight_smile: (don’t get discouraged by me at least :wink: )

Nice job, way better than my first try at making this stuff.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Lwerewolf, I did have some trouble with the UVs unwrapping correctly. I used the “Project from View (Bounds)” tool, and whenever I did it on the whole model, some of the polygons had their textures completely disappear. I had to do it in chunks, which obviously did not match up as nicely.

I’m curious as to what you mean by smoothing the edges. Weld the normals? Set to “smooth” rendering? Add more geometry?

Anyway, here it is in ortho:

I think he means, that you could try to smooth out the edges so that they don’t look so sharp - take a look at the bevel tutorial to see what I mean - but I think it’s okay for a game model.

Greetings, Robert

EDIT: Oh … I have to stop to answer for somebody else … sorry lwerewolf :frowning:

What the-
Why’d you be sorry for doing this :slight_smile: After all the most you’re going to cause is to get the artist choose between more suggested options (or his own, ofc :wink: )… And you definitely. didn’t hurt me :slight_smile:
Now about the smoothing - tons of ways… Since it’s a game model a normal map unwrap would be best (you have to build a high poly one 1st), as you won’t be adding any more geometry…
Otherwise - bevel was suggested, also set smooth and then subsurf/edge loop (both will do I think, however subsurf is going to kill your poly limit real bad, now that I think of it the edge loop will probably do the very same thing)… There are some low poly weapon/whatnot projects in the gallery (I recall a tank of sorts, a doom-like marine and, again, a doom-like shotgun, all of them wicked sick)… Check those out for some more info in general for your model.

Actually, now that I think about it… Have you got any sketches of the model? I mean if you show them to us we might be able to give you advice on the poly structure of the model…

Also about the size of the model - if you’re ok with using two versions of the model (one for in-game objects and one for the animation when you’re carrying it) you can cut the poly size considerably if you take out the polys that are not in use… The ones on the right side for example :slight_smile: If you’ve got plans for adding left hand support with distinctive left side features of the weapon, well… Quite a few options there, get creative :wink: (separate models again, mirror model and different textures).

Aaand… Can you show us the weapon from more angles? The glowing parts just don’t seem too right to me at the moment… (their positioning)

Well that’s just about all that I can think of now… Actually got some ideas on the textures but I think I’ll post them tomorrow as they’re pretty incomplete now (plus that I’m getting sleepy and they’re calling me for dota again ^_^)…

The glowy white parts should be green for an alien weapon, shouldn’t they? White makes it look like something’s missing.