(blengine) #1

finally, finally! i dedicated my morning to making this…its about an hour and 50 minutes…im gonna set an html page up for it later… It goes at a great pace, i explain everything, and it came out great… I really consider it to be one of my best heads yet… take a look at the result below…

It goes over modeling and lighting, but no texturing, that would take alot longer =\

If your interested in this video tutorial (5$ shipping and materials), let me know… email me at [email protected] if you have questions or want one of these…


(joecool) #2

whoo! awesome man!

(@ce) #3

I’de love that tutorial…damn…why do you have to live in the states :frowning:

(IngieBee) #4

You know, I do hate you! :stuck_out_tongue:

(blengine) #5

@ce…what do u mean? i ship international orders too =D

(joecool) #6

is that the bad guy from Mortal Kombat? It looks like him, kind of.

(ectizen) #7

He certainly does! I am a very happy recipient of an internationally shipped order :smiley:

For those in Australia, all you need to do is go to your local post office and get an international money order and post it (check with imgranpaboy for the exact amount required beforehand). Since these money orders are handled through Western Union, they’re pretty much designed to send money to people in the US. The recipient simply handles the money order like a normal, non-negotiable cheque (ie. sticks it into a bank account). The money order itself costs whatever the converted USD amount is, plus around $9 AUD. If you’re like me the postage then costs around $10 AUD (International Express Post - send this airmail on the next available flight :slight_smile: )

Surprisingly easy, surprisingly quick, and very well worth it :smiley:

For those elsewhere, I imagine something similar would apply.

(gargola) #8

as always grandpa…awesome! :smiley:

(saluk) #9

Looks very classy!

I’ve heard good comments from other tutorials, so keep up the good work!