Video import trouble

In the Sequense editor it says that you can import a movie, But I dont Know what file type to use. AvI doesnt want to work WMF doesnt work eather. Do you have any Ideas?:frowning:

make sure you’re avi is uncompressed.

WMF … Do you mean WMV ?

Anwyay the file formats that 2.42a imports is not very well documented. It won’t imort WMV, .mpg though and imports “some” avi’s, though it’s not clear which. AVI “raw”, and “avi.jpg” should work as well as (theoretically) any of the codecs that are avalable under the output format / avi / codec tab.

Here is a link to the latest CVS build (pre 2.43 version) which has FFmpeg libraries compiled in and will import any file format (that you have codecs installed on your system for), including .mpg, WMV, XVID …etc etc.