Video in Blender Help

So i am currently making a movie and i want to do a car crash scene. (the movie is not all 3d, i am actually filming it.) i want to do the crash in blender so i modeled the car and put together a quick test animation. i rendered it out and put it into a test shot in after effects and it looked terrible. the car looked extremely fake i think for a couple of reasons. i think because of environmental lighting and that it didn’t reflect its environment.

I really don’t have much experience with video in blender but is it possible to take video, put it in blender, then put a model in the shot and edit it?

any suggestions are welcome because i’m pretty lost at the moment.


yes, you can do that. look for tutorials on compositing, and for lighting, you will want to use an HDRI image that approximates the actual environment. I’m not sure where to find one, but I know there is a repository somewhere. Google for free HDRI images.

A good place for free HDRI images is However, I wouldn’t suggest using just any image for your reflections. I’ve done this sort of thing many times. It’s called live action compositing. For your reflections, I suggest importing your raw footage you shot with your video camera and using that as your world texture.

Here is a good tutorial you can follow:

it’s pretty good to get you started, but doesn’t cover lighting. This is sort of an advanced topic as there are a lot of other factors you need such as to replicate the lighting of your video footage and also create masks for where the cars would cross in front of other objects. In your video footage.

Check out anyway also because they have some cool textures and video footage you may find useful.

Thanks so much! this helps a lot