video in texture

Hi to all, this is my first post.

I´m trying to make a texture with an animated face (with lipsync) to put in my model´s head


Can anyone tell me how to do it in blender I don´t know if it´s possible to do it, I´m turning crazy finding out some tutorial or documentation about it.

I do import a .mov and .avi as image but couldnt manage to render or adjust it,

Thanks for reading

see the wiki, Compositing Image input node, movie settings. Off the top of my head, you would then use that as your material to the head (or mouth part, whichever is moving). Might have to use UV geometry node as well…but that’s compositing a final image.

To have your model’s head or face “show” the movie as part of your scene, which is what I think you really want, use an animated texture as the UV for the head material. see

Thats the link i was unable to find…

Many thanks Roger