video in the background of the menu <how?>

i want to do this
make a video playing and looping and there is three selections over the movie <play , load , exit>
i’m asking about the video , how can i add it ?
and how can i make it user friendly ? so a linux user will be able to watch the video easily …
and have i to include Xvid link to the user ?
is there a blend file that shows how it works ?

You can use FMV player for blender. I think the program can do this stuff you described.

i Found this
and i will test it with the last blender
but files in here doesn’t work :frowning:
edit :-
blender shows (windows shows , send , don’t send error after the movie is played ) :frowning:

no , actually the error is when i press esc to skip the movie :frowning: