Video inset in another video (Why is background video black?).

As you can see the inset is allright.
However the background does show up as black and not as a movie.

What is the reason for this?

picture in picture tweede poging.blend (344 KB)

Try and Alpha Over node instead of a Mix node

or just hit the little icon on the right of the mix dropdown menu which will take into account transparency info

I did a similar set up as in this post, but tried to use a png sequence. Can you use a png sequence as a movie clip instead of an avi or other .mp4 ect.? I tried but it didn’t seem to work.

@harleynut97, in principle you could use any image sequence or video file provided that it has alpha data that you could use for compositing.

Thanks. Hitting the little transparancy icon of the mix menu did the trick.

OK Blendercomp, maybe I just tried importing the sequence in the wrong way, I’ll have to try it again. Glad you were able to get to work for you Antony41. I tried using the alpha over and that worked as well, like Richard mentioned