Video intro animation - Volunteer

Hello! I am the owner of, and I need an intro video for some training videos we are working on. Unfortunately, our website does not generate a profit and this project will be volunteer only, but we will gladly credit you if requested.

Our idea is a I/O Power logo ( in the middle, rolls to the left and stops at an angle to appear like a C, then rucialExams can drop or slide in, whichever you want to do. Other than that, the rest is up to you.

Please feel free to post here or email us for more information.

Thank you for your time!

Hi, I am interrested in your proposition :smiley:
Do you have logo in SVG?

sounds simple enough, do you have a specific font in mind for the text? is there a kind of look you had envisioned what is the maximum length of intro? 5 seconds, 10, more maybe? will you provide your own sound fx/intro music? do you want it in hd 1080 or is 720 good enough. most important, when do you need it by?

also when the power icon rolls to the right do you want it to finish at an angle as in the picture or go right down to the letter c position? will the icon be able to move left in order to centralise the text or do you want it to be right aligned for the duration with the logo remaining central?

Here is an SVG of the icon in black, I don’t have any real deadline for it, everything I do for the site I do in my spare time and none of the videos aren’t done yet. I don’t have any music or sound, if you can add some, great! If not, I can find some and do it afterwords. 720 should be just fine. Lastly, yes the icon should be at an angle when it’s the C. I want it to be obvious it’s a C, but still clearly the power logo as well. About the same angle as the PNG works for me. Thanks a lot for your help!!

Is something like this what you are interested in? I didnt do all the text yet. I wanted to see if this is what you wanted before i went to all the trouble.
just in case the video doesnt work here is the link

That’s what I had in mind for the rolling part, but when it stops the I in the power logo at a 45sh degree angle, about half way between a C and the original power logo. Like in the c-huge.png I linked in the first post. For the text, I think it would be awesome if it could drop in/fall in from the ‘sky’, but I have no idea how much work that would be. Just do what you can I’m not super picky, just the C/power logo at an angle like in the PNG file. Thank you very much for your time!

here is my submission. I love how with blender there is so many people always willing to help out