video introduction for the company I'm working for

Thanks to Andrew Price’s sparks tutorial and everyone else who produces awesome tutorials.

I know the video is pretty dark. I didn’t realize until I was finished that the hammer was so poorly lit. I wanted it as shiny as the sword. I also may go back and make the “home services” lights look more like real light bulbs (or maybe neon). I did put emitters inside text with a glass material. I could go on about the details with which I’m dissatisfied but I’m happy with the overall composition. At any rate, it’s done for now :yes:

Too dark. I didn’t even know there was a hammer there until I read your post. And the name of the company is barely visible. It should be the most prominent thing in the vid.

Steve S

I’d like to try something volumetric in the background, as far as lighting, but I apparently can’t do so with some major compositing of every frame…I think. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m getting a better video card here at work so there’s not much I can do with this now without rendering again for another week. Trying to light with a dark background seemed a pain. It was like nothing was getting enough light to be plainly visible. Frustrating.

Yeah, the hammer is a little dark… but I think mearly using curves in the video editor to brink up the colours will be enough. Volumetric lighting WILL need you to re-render eveerything, though, but it may make the scene too complicated.