Video: Man in Japan weds anime game character

I loled so hard. I just had to share :smiley:

Haha, nice comments over there :smiley:

“I hope, the software was over 16 years old.” xD

Only in Japan and America what can I say? The world is slowly but surely falling apart. We aren’t evolving anymore the computers are. We are just getting dumber and dumber…or I mean. America and Japan are, (and the ones who isn’t resisting the brainwashing). We will end up in the Matrix someday…:frowning:

“Does this make him a polygamist if he were to marry another person (or video game character) in the future?”

“No, a polygonist.”


Almost every man and woman on this forum. Will in the future not make characters and models for games and movies. We will create virtual wives and husbands for retards. I think I’m gonna get another hobby:p

Lol, good for him, I hope he’s happy :smiley:

Hmmm… this could be quite a wealthy task xD

Those comments on-screen are pretty dumb. :confused:
A selection of the english stuff:

Btw, this a good solution for lonely artists: draw yourself a girlfriend (or should that be called incest) :smiley:

So sad :frowning:


It’s all good I suppose.

I don’t actually get it myself, but if it’s what the dude wants to do…

does that mean i can marry Yuna from FFX? that’s good news :smiley:

The reason I don’t really support this well is because stuff like this may end up turning the sacred institution of marriage into a toy.

The moment marriage becomes a toy instead of something sacred I would say the world has gone mad, women will end up being able to tie the knot with the Blender program or a muscle car because it looks boyish.:spin:

Can’t they just pretend to be in a union together rather than go through a serious marriage, like what may be the case when animals are wed together in some places in Britian?

Yes, I’m a purist zealot when it comes to marriage, which will likely not change.

My view anyway, just my concerns over what this could mean for the institution of marriage if this is being seriously called marriage and not called something else.

I loled too! This does not supprise me though,
This comes from the same country as the “soiled school girl pantie’s” vending machine.

Now why the hell did they not have this idea in America first ?!?!!11?!1one!!11!eleven!!11
I am going to write my congressman!

It is time again to play:

@Sandrew, you draw that? its quite good style


I always wondered what that strange japanese businessman did with my used panties… :smiley:

I actually meant the comments below, rather than those during the video.
And I already quoted the funnier ones :slight_smile:
Wrote through them all but later there are no more funny comments…

Naw, just another internet-picture that I felt was relevant to what Doggie-B said.

Always nice to have some visual support. Thanks man!