Video motion tracking: Hide inactive trackers?

I’m learning motion tracking on a clip from a cooking video. Everything’s going peachy so far, it’s just that the clip shifts focus from the guy talking to him frying an egg about halfway through and then back, so since the camera shifts I’m left with all these useless red inactive boxes for the markers that exited the frame. I know they’re not doing anything, but, they just clutter up the working space and make it hard for me to think…Is there any way to “Hide inactive trackers”?

I’m aware that I could split this into multiple projects. But I figure it’ll be much easier to ‘join’ the out-of-frame clips at the beginning and end to get better data, rather than the calculations starting from scratch again and again.

i got the same problem! and same question!
I’m a newbie as well, so I’m still exploring
so far the only thing it was kind of helping was to hide the tracks
the problem is that it’s hidden the whole video, until you unhide them all at once
not exactly as what I wanted, but at least when working on a section of the vide there were less cluttered

in Blender 2.8 there is an option under “Clip Display” -> Show Disabled