Video on one face of a cube?

I’m trying to map a video onto a single face of a cube, with images on 3 of the other faces.

I managed to get different still images on each face by going into edit mode, selecting a face, UV unwrapping it, and setting it via the UV/Image Editor.

But the only way I can find to map video onto an object is via the Texture editor, and that seems to map onto the whole cube.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Apply a different material on the face you want the video.
Multiple materials

Excellent! I wish I’d come for advice before stumbling around in the dark for the last few hours.

Thanks Richard

im not answering because im curious, but coudnt he also "Green screen"one side of the cube and then import it into adobe after effects, andput the video he wonts on the cube there that way?

Or just do it the ‘keep it simple’ way in blender if like me he doesn’t have (and not afford to buy) After Effects

i was just wondering mostly.

if you brought it in to another app you’d have to go through a lot to get the video to match the motion of the cube.