Video overlay for music uploads.

Hey guys, I’ve got a project that I’m working on and I’d like to see what other Blender users have to say about it.

Basically, I’m working on a video overlay I can use when I upload my music to YouTube, something that will introduce the song and credit the original composer if the song is a cover or arrangement.

Here is what I have in its current unfinished state:

Current plans for the next revision based on feedback I’ve already received include keeping the text on screen longer and reducing the size of the music box once it’s in its final position. I also plan on using actual video footage in the background instead of just a still shot. I’m open to any other feedback or suggestions!

EDIT: The changes mentioned have been brought into effect (still using a still shot instead of video footage, though) and can be seen here:

Other changes include darkening the wood, adding a soft outline to the text to help it pop out, equalizing the time it takes for each line of text to fade into existence, and starting the music sooner with the music box already spinning once it gets into position.