Video overlay: Shadow and reflections


I’m working acctualy on a project whith 3D added on a movie in blender.
I’ve spend a lot of time on internet looking for tutorials or any topic around that, but impossible to fine how to set the materials for the shadows and reflections.

So ther is my actual process :
-make movie (HD) = ok
-track camera position whith voodoo = ok
-add 3d object to add in the scenne = ok
-create basics volume of the objects int the moovis how will have shadows and reflections (wall, tabe, stairs)
-set similar lighting as real scenne (I use 4 spot, 2 light, 1sun + AO blended)

  • set materials on fake object to draw only shadows & refections from the 3D object added in the scenne (THERE IS MY PROBLEM :confused:)
    -in vidéo I add my moovie, my scenne + alpha under effect.

Actualy I have my 3d in the good location, with the moovie background but no shadows on it… (or I have the fake object rendered in the scenne… :()

I try to play with “onlyshad” and “env” but I don’t find a way to make it working…

So is there someone who know tutorials for that or how can give the materials setting to do that (shadow and reflection like a window’s glass)?

If you have any advance tips for this application please, leave a post here ! :smiley:

PS : sorry if my english is bad…:o