Video panels render as still shots. Why

In this video carousel thing I’m doing, I can’t get the videos to render as moving video. They only render as still frames. Is there a setting somewhere I need to have so they render as video?

The first one that comes to mind is to ensure you have checked Movie and Autorefresh on the F6 Image panel, but I’m betting it may not be that simple…

What video format are you loading?

If i know what you mean, you cant render animations, only stills, Hold Ctrl, and press F12.

Thanks, I figured it out. Although that panel is overly complicated and confusing. Maybe it just doesn’t work?. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make it start on a designated frame. Yet another case of non standard interface. (like putting an interface in a blender. Hey is that why its called blender???)
There must be some combination of setting the offset, the start frame, and the range, but nothing I’ve done so far produces a logical result.

It does work, but you may not have the codec, or Blender may not support the codec that your AVI file (is it, or are you using a quicktime) is using.

It is kind of a funny naming system. To call the start frame StartFr, but that’s how it is. You can recompile the source code and rename the text field, that is what open source is all about.

Pay attention to the message below the file name field. It will tell you, as you scrub the time line, if Blender can read the video file. It may read the first frame, then complain it cannot read anymore frames.

Personally I convert all my video to PNG sequences so I don’t have to deal with these issues.

F12 only renders a still image, are you expecting the video to play inside your single frame displayed by the F12 render function? You must render the entire animation to see the effect of your video in the rendered space.

i had same problem yesterday !!!

i had AVI-Codec selected and divx7 loaded with a framesize of 1050x1050 or something

blender renders 1 frame - give it to the codec and the codec denys because it cannot process the framesize.
so it stops

i used FFMPEG with 264 (=divx) and it works

TADA ! :slight_smile: