Video: Pivot Power (Controlling Blender's Scaling and Rotation Pivot)

Blender offers a variety of ways to control the scaling and rotation of objects. This video tutorial will illuminate some of the more create methods that Blender allows via its Scaling & Rotation Pivot Control.

Check it out and give me some feedback! Thanks!

Get the video tutorial here.

gooooooooooooooood tutorial thaks very much

Thanks! You’re welcome. There’s soooooooooo much more coming! :slight_smile:

I’ve downloaded this a couple of times. But when I try to open the zip file I get a message telling me that it’s corrupted.

I do quite often download big zip files but I don’t usually have this issue.

I will try again later.


Thanks for letting me know! I’ll download it myself and see if I have any problems.

I just downloaded the video and was able to unzip it with no problems. I also played the entire file just to make sure, no problems. Let me know if you continue to have problems.

I didn’t use any kind of funky compression, just the 7zip application (with default settings). If anyone else has problems, let me know so we can figure out what the problem may be.


Actually, I think my trouble is not the zip file when downloaded, it is actually downloading the zip file. I don’t think I’m getting everything - hence the message about it being corrupted.

I’ll keep trying until I get a full download.


Are you using dial-up? If so, trying using a good download manager that will do CRC checks as it downloads to ensure that nothing gets corrupted. There are several free downloaders available. I forget theirs names but, I used to have similar problems, before getting broadband, and the download managers really helped to clear that problem up. Plus, you can pause a download and continue it later, if necessary. Now I remember, there were two that I used a lot called NetTransport (free version) and GetRight. There are others, though.

Also, what video player are you using? All my videos are tested to run in MPlayer and VLC players.

Good Luck.

If necessary, I could split the zip file and you could rejoin them on your end. You would have to install 7zip, if you don’t already have it. I can only offer to do this once, though. I’m curious about what the problem may be. But first, try the download manager and also try to play it in MPlayer or VLC.

I actually tracked it again this time.
It won’t download fully. I get pauses in download at particular points and then it just suddenly jumps to complete after about 30Meg.

I’m using broadband here.

I’ll try again later.


Hmm. That’s strange. I’m recompressing the video down to 320x240 (from 640x480) to make the download smaller. It should be done in about 10 minutes.

I guess that should help. How are you downloading the file? What kind of download speeds are you getting (it should be at least 200k/sec)?

I’ve posted an additional version at 320x240 resolution. The ZIP filesize is 50MB. Maybe that will help.

I finally got the 50Meg one downloaded and had a watch.
I knew I would really like this tutorial. It’s showed me some things I really just didn’t know.

Thanks for that.


I’m glad it all worked out.


I just had to chime in again on this to say thanks for this tutorial.

Actually where this tutorial really helped was in using the scale function to align objects and vertices. You only mentioned ‘scale + 0’ in passing, but using that with the pivot control options has allowed me to accomplish all sorts of alignment activities that eluded me beforehand.

It probably wans’t the main goal of your tutorial but it’s what I took away from it.

So thanks again.