Video playback in BGE

Is it possible to play videos (with sound, of course) in Game Engine? Or can Crystal Space do it?

Most ideal way should be playing videos as texture (but standard full-screen playback should be enough), and it should be multi-platform (Linux, Windows, …).

And if it is possible. How to do it?

Check this thread:

A bit less than 30 pages, and up to date, check out the wiki page for the VideoTexture module.
Be aware that it requires a recent development build of blender.

Thanks, the second post looks promising. I’m compiling blender right now.

So, I just compiled latest revision 17516, tested the demo scene from (at the bottom), but when I start Game Engine, I see only light blue rectangle with VIDEO written on it. The same I saw in 2.48a. What might be wrong? Do I need GLSL for it (my laptop’s Intel can’t do it)?

EDIT: My bad, I had to just press [Enter] :smiley:

Ha ha ha, It took me a while to figure that one out as well!

Well, now how to get sound from the playing movie(s)?

The sound track is not yet extracted from the video file. The problem with sound is that it requires proper buffering and buffer requires background reading of the video file and background reading requires multi-threading… It’s a complicated matter that I plan to implement but not in the immediate future.
What you can do is extract the sound track off line and play it as a wave file.

Ok, I’m playing with the sound right now. Is there other way to play external sound files then using PyGame? Problem is I don’t know the names of files in advance, so I can’t import them to Blender and have to control it with Python. Problem with PyGame is synchronization with movie files.