Video Player question

Can the Blender 2.4x video player be separated from Blender 2.4x so that it can be played independently by Blender 2.58? Is there a dll that runs the player only that can be called by Blender 2.58?

Basically what they did for 2.58 is to use camera view as a Blender internal animation viewer. Just hit Num Pad 0 in 3D view, and play it.

Well, numpad 0 gets you the 3D view, but pressing F11 to play what was just rendered with the F12 command does nothing. I’m not talking about doing a preview with Alt-A. Can you explain it a bit better? Thanks.

F11 and F12, those hot keys have to do with rendering camera view. Are you talking about video player?

Well if you want fully rendered animation you need to output it to a file under Render buttons / Output. Hit Animation button under Render to create the file. The animation file can be viewed using external video software.

Well, I did title the thread “Video Player question.” :wink:

I was wanting to know if the Video Player from Blender 2.4X was an independent dll or something that could be loaded and accessed without loading all of Blender 2.4x, so that I could call it from Blender 2.58. And yes, I know that Blender 2.4x in its entirety can be called as the Video Player for Blender 2.58. I just want to know can the Video Player from 2.4x can be broken out and used as a stand alone player for 2.58.