Video project ruined, sound & video suddenly out of sync

So today I started using blender for video editing.
I made ~8 minute long video with some simple edits and cuts and played it back piece by piece as I was making it. When I was finished I played it back in the sequencer and it was normal speed, sound was fine, all the edits was where they were supposed to be.
When I first tried rendering it, it failed at 65% due to it was rendering to the wrong storage device.

Trying to make the next render go faster I got the Addon “Power Sequencer” since it apperantly makes blender utilize all CPU cores. I opened and exited to program many times because blender would not utlilize 100% CPU, of course hitting the yes button when asked if I wanted to save or not.
After a couple more attempts at rendering, and trying to get blender to utilize 100% CPU the video was finished.

To my horror, when I opened it in VLC the video was 19 minutes long, and the video played at ca 40% speed, and audio plays fine (normal speed, so completely out of sync)

Looking in the sequencer it seems that ALL video clips have been extendet to be about 3 times as long as the audio clips. But my edits such as the classic “hitmark”, “MGS alert” exclamation mark and text pop-ups are excatly where i put them in the video sequence.

Now when I play it back in the sequencer now, it also plays in this extreme slow motion, if i try too simply “pull” the video sequence to match the audio one, it, of course, only cuts the video sequence.

There is no “speed control” effects added

Somehow I ruined my video project trying to render it. Every thing except audio seems too have been made 3x as long causing video, added text and other edits to play much slower than original. Audio is the only thing at normal speed

My question is:
What the … did I do wrong? How did i manage to screw it up SO much? and is there possibly anyway to revert it?

There are no autosaves “pre-incident” and of course I didnt save any backups or anything

A lot of addons work by hacking Blender’s data structure and it sounds like in this case the addon corrupted something. Step one would be to disable that addon. Then examine your settings. Try verifying your current frame rate; it may be something as simple as the addon applying a custom frame rate which never got fixed before rendering.

I appreciate the reply but I figured it out.
FPS was changed from 60 to 24. It did not cut any frames, only made each frame longer.
When I set it back to 60 fps it fixed itself.

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