(Video) Realistic Wood Fracture - Car vs. Fence

Hello everyone,

I spent the past few days doing tests on realistic wood fracturing and decided to share my final result:


For this simulation and render, I used Blender 2.68a Internal Render Engine with Rigid Body physics and Bullet Constraint tools. It took around 3 hours to achieve the desired effect. I used the cell fracture addon with three separate meshes for the fence: the vertical planks, the horizontal “cross beams”, and the vertical posts. Each was shattered into around 500-750 shards. The car model I got from 3Delicious.net was simulated using a proxy mesh. The car was not meant to have a realistic vehicle effect, so don’t complain about it. I was going to re-record the animation at different angles, but I managed to mess up the rigid body simulation while tweaking it.

I hope you enjoy!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Comments are always welcome.

really excellent! I think that to be better it would need some smoke sim, and a particle system with really tiny shards. Don’t you?

Sounds good to me! Thank you!

You welcome. Looking forwards to see how it was going! :wink: