Video recommendation?

Can anyone direct me to a good video that will help me be able to move an elephants tusks toward his trunk? I need to make it into a mold but the negative space between his trunk and his tusks will cause a problem.

While there are some very specific video tutorials out there, I doubt that anyone has made “How to move elephant’s tusks for 3D printing in Blender”.

Is everything a single object? Is the issue with keeping everything symmetrical? What is the problem? What have you tried?

Hello, thank you for responding.

I didn’t mean an elephant specifically… I just happen to be working on an elephant. I need to move the tusks so they touch the trunk.

I am going to put it into a box and make a mold box for clay. The negative space between the trunk and the tusks will cause a problem, so I need to move them.

I’m very new at this so, I appreciate any help.

Thank you so very much.

It sounds like you know exactly what you need to do… try it.