Video Sequence Editor and framerates problem.

Hi. I’m not really sure where should I post this question, but anyway, here it goes…
I’m trying to use VSE to edit some video footage. It’s a little editing exercise from college. Basically I need to do some cuts here and there and maybe an occasional cross fade or so… So Blender looked promising, since I don’t have Final Cut or Premiere here at home.
The problem is the footage I’m using uses 23,976 FPS so the sound is always out of sync in Blender. Setting Blender at 24 FPS and the framebase rate at 1.001 helps a little bit, but after a few minutes it looses the sync all over again.
Does anyone have any good tip?
This project is supposed to be finished by tomorrow, guess that won’t be happening… sigh…
I’d appreciate some help. Thx