Video Sequence Editor and Sound


I recently started to use the Video Sequence Editor. I’ve managed to get two 3d scenes and 2 video scenes and and improted a sound.

Can I get the sound to be ouput in the final video ?

If so how ?

The sound I use is in m4a(ffmpeg from audacity). I created a wav file as well and got a sound block, but don’t what I’m missing now, the video renders without sound.

Multiplex it in, you’ll find it in blenders encoding panel or after with something like Avidemux or FFMPEG on the CLI.

To avoid a lot of wasted effort especially on bigger projects render out to image sequences and have a seperate wav, then use above tools or even Blender if you want to risk it to do the muxing after. Best not encode straight out to movie, you may want different codecs for different distribution. ie DVD, web etc, easier to do from master image sequences and seperate audio.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes, in general it is better to keep an image sequence, but for the current setup I just need to encode audio along with video.

I’ve tried the following setups:
video: H264
audio: PCM/AAC/A3C/MP3/MP2

The problem now is the resulting video either it has just the audio/no video or no audio/no video.

Hints ?