Video Sequence Editor for Video Editing

I am playing with the Idea of using the video sequence editor for my video editing, was curious about something though. I have imported some video and some audio and when I render it out there is no sound. Is there some option I need to check for audio to be rendered, It plays back ok in the Sequence Editor, but not when rendered out.

you have to press the ‘mixdown’ button in the audio buttons, and it will render a wav file to your render folder, then you have to join them in a program such as virtual dub. i know there was some recent development with audio/video, too, but i’m not sure what it was, so check the release notes for the latest version. Also, for a way to make nice custom wipes, check out the link to my tutorial thread in my signature.

It works! Thanks,

so do you think Blender will fix this? So that It can render audio and video into one nice little file ?

Thanks for the tutorial looks interesting

yes, it is the FFMPEG setting, which when chosen, brings up separate tabs for the auido and video codecs you want to use. the resulting avi or mpeg file contains audio and video.