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So you need also to edit all the scene keyframes accordingly?

That would be awesome yes, if at all possible… But the global timing thing would be a great first step. Just to rough things out easily.
At the moment you have to go back and forth a lot between the scenes and VSE…

Try Tonton’s Project Manager. It includes several necessary functions for swap to/from scene: BPM - Blender Project Manager


This looks great!!!
Thanks so much @tin2tin!

Best news for a long time: Ray Molenkamp (LazyDodo) has written a profiling walkthrough and finds a way to do an impressive 30% speedup on color management in rendering from 3d view to video:


New add-on for generating and handling proxies in the Blender Video Editor:


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The Blender Video Editor in use with scene strips, in Dedouze’s wonderful music video.

Watch it on Youtube:


MultiCam editing tutorial for the Blender Video Editor.
Part 1:

Part 2:

“I’m super happy that they’re not removing the Video Sequence Editor, because I think that would have been a huge mistake” - Rob Silvestri, Tangent Animation:


Exploring color management in the VSE:


Thank you! Great post!

Adding Grease Pencil shots to the Video Sequencer without rendering to file(47m):


Audio recording in the Video Editor(Linux only):

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I am doing something similar directly in the viewport! I will be posting the video soon!

THIS IS GOLD!! WE NEED THIS IN WINDOWS, please!! :smiley: :smiley:

Updated to 2.8+(in their main repositories):


RESONA(a Blender fork) is intended to be an Independent Project aiming at delivering a refreshing Video Editing Capability for Artists and Users, along with a Production-Quality Audio Editing Setup:

Thank you!! Did you updated the Blender-Fountain-Addon?
Or was it the owner? Philippe?
Fantastic work!

Motion tracking in blender 2.8 Clip Editor and Video Editor:

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You can see on GitHub what has been comitted. ex.

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