Video Sequence Editor Quick Start and 2D titles: tutorials and .blend presets

Video Editing Preset v0.1.1: [B]Download the .blend[/B]

(Now with “More” for “moving beyond the basics”, read the blog post for details.)

2D Title Presets v0.1.1a [B]Download the .blend

[/B] (Minor addition to: “The simplest way to use this file”.)

Both tutorials/.blends (text inside the .blend!) give a complete all around basic introduction to both Blender and then to video editing/making 2D titles with Blender.

They have been written and put together in a way that also an absolute beginner will be able to get started/work done with Blender!

Read what one user had to say
about the 2D title tutorial/.blend here (This works brilliantly… (…) There’s no need to understand blender to use this…”).

On the other hand experienced Blender users who simply want to learn more about the Blender Video Sequence Editor can learn all the essentials really fast: no video footage needed (!), the tutorial comes with colour strips for testing/practising and a series of selected shortcuts and tips to let you get started in no time…! (Read a happy user’s (short) comment about the video editing tutorial/.blend here.)

For future updates see also:

Special thanks to Paul from the final BUG for hosting these .blend files!