Video Sequence Editor: simple problem

I’m trying out the Video Sequence editor in Blender v2.43 for the first time. I can almost understand it now, after browsing through but there is something I don’t understand.

I have two still images with one cross-fade between them. The cross-fade is visible in the preview window when I set the selector to “Channel 4” (the crossfade effect is on track 4) but when I use “ANIM” to export the sequence to a AVI file, there is no crossfade, just a hard cut. For reference, here is what my Blender screen looks like:

No doubt I’m doing something simple wrong- can anyone help? Thanks!

out of curiosity, have you tried a different codec? or render to png/tga images?

I just tried the same project again with two different images, and the crossfade worked and exported as expected. No idea what the difference was.

if you put in like a crossfade effect, then cut out one of the strips, the cross fade resorts to the remaining strip, showing you Cross 2>2 above the channel 2 strip. If you then re-add the original strip, you have to remember to re-connect the strips to the effects strip, or you will see something like Cross 2>2 instead of Cross 1>2, resulting in basically no cross.