video sequence editor?

A quick question

When i try to play video sequences they are real slow - not in real time - shift+A. Is that a general pit fall of the sequence editor in Blender? Is there a button to press to run the sequences in real time? plus i cant hear any audio and the audio is on the time line with the video.

Any ideas??

what kind of strips are they

if they are Scene strips - it won’t be in real time because Blender has to render them on the fly before it displays

with the sound - is the speaker button checked

yeh they’re scene strips. So does that mean the VSE is not worth using for editing at all?

if you render out your scene and then add the rendered images to the VSE you won’t have any problems

All you really have to do, if you are just using the scene in the VSE is to replace the render window with a 3D window, then it can preview much more quickly.

I mainly use the VSE for synchronizing animation to audio. I do final composite in After Effects.