Video Sequence Editor

I have rendered 1000 frames to 1000 .png images from different .blend files. I want to make a simple movie from the images by using video sequence editor.

Firstly, I added the images in video sequence editor.
Secondly, I added sound.
Thirdly, I click render animation.

But there is no sound in my animation!

Help. Thank you.

what are your render settings?

Output: AVI Raw RGB

AVI RAW is not a format designed for use as your final output, it is to be used as a lossless intermediate and it is video only, no audio.
Use a proper format such as xvid, mpeg. You will then get an additional encoding panel where you can set video and audio output settings

Just knew that. Thanks for telling. Any advice on the output which has audio?

The mpeg settings allow you to mux in a codec like xvid or quicktime.

Please take a look at a .blend file. Hopefully the settings won’t change.
I rendered the animation to MPEG format but still no sound.


x sound.blend (393 KB)

I like to choose H264 output, H264 encoding, mp3 audio @128 kbps. Has worked well for all my anims

Thank you everyone my problem is solved! :slight_smile:

I have another problem. After I render the .png images, a movie is produced but the movie keeps on shaking. For example, from frame 1 to frame 2, the movie “shakes”. It does not go smoothly.


I have figured it out. Thanks.