video Sequence Edittor help

I’m trying to learn the video sequence editor, because I want to make a short later in HD. I did some real quick test renders, just so I have some clips to work with. Since they’re HD, it runs really slow. I read something about proxys, but I can’t seem to get it to work.

If you click the ‘use proxy’ button in your strip properties, then set your render size to less than 100%, Blender will make and use a low resolution proxy for that strip. When your render size is set small it will use the proxy and when your render size is set full it will use the original movie file. Be aware, it can take a very long time to generate the proxy if your strip is a long one.

The editing I do is mostly long clips of standard definition footage and I got more bang for my buck converting my video into a 100%-sized image sequence, but with shorter clips of high-def footage proxies might be just the ticket.

Thanks man! I’m definitely going to need to use everything I can if I want to do HD! Maybe I should do a short in Standard Definition first, so I will know what I’m doing.