Video Sequencer Color Issues

I have started using the video editor in Blender 2.42a and have run into a problem. I did a screen capture using CamStudio with the CamStudio Lossless Codec v1.0. In the capture I displayed a red colored Suzzane, however when I bring the clip into Blender the red monkey is now blue. As a matter of fact the whole color scheme seems to have changed. Does anyone know a remedy to this issue or that this issue even existed? Please help.


what color is it in Movie maker or some other avi viewer. I vaguely recall an RBG index mode where it was possible to screw up the index inadvertently and all colors shifted. Reds became blue, Greens red, blues green etc. Check color depth when capturing; that it matches your display. is possible that its capturing 24 bit and you are showing 32 bit, resuling in translation issue. other than that, work around it by capturing a green so it shows up blue.