Video Sequencer Editor Question

Hi peoples.
Just a quick question if any1 can help.
I have 250 frame clip already rendered (avi jpeg) and another clip, like the first at 171 frames. Is the video sequencer able to simply join these 2 clips so they can be played like a movie without having to rerender everything again? I know how to do this before rendering but not sure with having 2 already rendered clips.
Hope that makes sence.

yes and no, it will play them back, as if they were joined, but it will not join them into a single file, unless you rerender them, as a single file. a note though, when you play stuff in the sequence editor, it has to buffer them, and so the first playback can stutter a bit, until all the images are buffered.

Also, video sequencer rendering tends to be a lot faster, (unless you’re adding ‘scenes’ from the file rather then images or movies).

You should also match the width and height of the two clips as well.

Thnx for the replys.
Im just a little confused now. If i have two sperate .blend files containing each of clips (the 250 frame and the 171) how am i suppose to get the two playing together continuous in the one output folder?
I thought i had this figured out, its obvious i don’t, so sorry for the mundane questions.

Well, as long as both rendered clips are the same resolution and frame rate, joining them together into 1 clip is nothing short of trivial. Yes, you do need to
re-‘render’ them - NO, this doesn’t take more than about 1/10 -> 1/2 of a second per frame (as long as clip resolution is the same as final output res)

I can’t help you with sticking the two animations together in one file, other than to say, load the animation that’s second. Now, go into the IPO window and move everything forwards by 250 frames (your first clip is 250 frames, right?). After all the animation has been moved forwards by the length of the first animation, simply Import/Append in the scene that goes first. Then, have a look in the scripts directory for the little gem known as the Camera Changer script. Use that and re-render your masterpiece.


There’s always the easy way…

Start Blender, Change to the Video Sequence editor.
Click Add->Movie and select the first movie. Position this on the lowest line
and make it start @ frame 1
Click Add->Movie and select the second movie. Position this in the second lowest channel, and make it start the frame after the first movie finished.

Now, go to the normal rendering buttons, & press Do Sequence. Set your output resolution & movie length. Then hit RENDER. That’s it. easy as pie.

Same rules as normal apply for setting the output format & directory/filename.
There’s a good tute around that deals with the Video Sequence Editor. You should check it out. It’s here:


Thnx again Simon. From Melbourne right?
This is the second time you’ve helped me.
Thats what i was trying to do from the start, where i had the two .avi clips, opened them up in the sequencer, lined em up but wasn’t sure what to do then. I’ll try it out again tonight before i go to sleep as i have 3 clips to add now.
Thnx again.

That’s okay FloorPlay, it’s a pleasure.

Yah-huh, Melbourne is where I call home.
Hope you can get it sussed mate. Be sure to post back if it no worky.