video sequencer framerate & imported videos

hello forums,

long time no see :slight_smile: first of all I apologize if this VSE related question is in the wrong section, I couldn’t find ‘VSE’ subforum so I decided that compositing is the closest related topic…

so, after a long time I opened blender to explore the Video Sequence Editor. I decided to do a simple image -> video (with music) fade-in. that went OK, no problems with the effect strips :slight_smile:

what i had trouble accommodating to was that at the default settings after i imported the video into the sequencer, audio and video tracks’ lengths did not match. after some googling i discovered that it’s got something to do with the framerate of the video (29) and blender’s playback (default 24). however, when I set blender’s playback rate to 29fps, the audio & video lengths did not match; after setting the playback rate to 30fps they were closer, but it still wasn’t a spot-on match.

the second issue I found annoying was that when I found the mismatch, I had to delete the tracks and re-import them after I changed the playback rate. this does not seem as a good design strategy; what if I work with two (or more) videos, and one of them has 24fps, second 30fps and the third one 60fps? is changing the playback rate before import the only way to set them on one scale?

what would help me, for instance, would be these two lines in the Properties dialog window:
Video track’s FPS: 60
Play back at FPS: 30 [user could change then this value, and this stretching would then change the end time of the video track. the Effect-> Speed control (or whatever) did not seem to have any effect on the track’s length.]

my Blender version is 2.63.0 r46461

here i attach the screenshot from VSE editing; i’ll upload the rendered video when it finishes uploading to youtube.

TLDR version: the official VSE documentation/wiki does not help much. which tutorials on VSE and the workflow would you recommend to me? how would you solve the problems i presented, and do they make sense at least a little bit? thanks.