video sequencer: render 16bit color depth at 100 fps?

Dear Blenderartists,
I am new to Blender and the forum, so hello and thanks in advance for help! J
My question is on specific render settings: I have a short animation (a few 100 frames) rendered as png images, now I want to put them together using the video sequencer.
I need specific settings though (video has to have 100 fps, resolution of800*600p, and most importantly, its maximum color depth should be 16 bit, because of my monitor requirements).
My question now is, if it is possible to use the video sequencer settings to keep the 16 bit color depth of the png images (you might have guessed- I never used the video sequencer before;) Being confused with that many settings I tried to keep the defaults and just use different png’s with 16 bit color depth or lower (8 bit, or even BW). But this did not change the properties of the resulting video-they all have the same size and “total bitrate”, about 1.15 mio kb/s…?)
Suggestions how to preserve the low color depth of the single images at that frequency would be very much appreciated! Thanks

When Rendering out a sequence from the VideoSequenceEditor, go to the Render Tab / Post Processing, and make sure ‘Sequencer’ is ticked. The other render settings Resolution, Frame Rate,… you set in the ‘Dimensions’ pull down (same as if you render the 3d view).

not sure what if I understand. In the ‘Output’ pull down, you can choose from different file types. PNG and TIFF i.e. lets you render your frames out with 16bit PER channel, which you only need if you do some additional heavy compositing or somewhere in the pipline to create a DCP etc.
If I understood you right, you want a file type reduced to 16bit over all RGB channels, right? Don’t know how you do that out of blender…

yes, exactly that is what I need, I actually want to reduce the color depth! the video has to be played on what windows XP calls “medium color” /16 bit color depth.
If Blender does not support this option (I thought by setting the max bitrate lower it would work, but it didn’t :frowning: ) can any1 recommend another (freeware/open source) program that could handle the rendering or the conversion of a 32bit video to 16bit (it has to be a true 16bit conversion though. so the actual bit depth of the video has to be 16, not more.)
thank you for your reply anyway, I know it’s a very specific problem;)