Video Sequencer

I have used a commercial video editor before, but with blender’s sequencer, I rate as a newbie. It is not obvious to me how to fade in from black at the beginning or fade out to black at the end of a strip of video. The VSE Manual


doesn’t describe this case; I can use crossfade between two video strips - that works fine.

So, do I create a short strip of black video, and crossfade to/from that? What am I missing?

Animate the strip’s Fac parameter in the IPO editor as follows:

Select the strip.
In the IPO editor, open the rollout menu and select IPO Type: Sequence.
The only parameter available will be Fac (for Factor).
Control-left-click in the IPO editor window to create an IPO curve that goes from zero to 1.0 over the time you need.

Edit: Look under “Animating Audio and Video Effects” here.

open a ipo window , then key the Fac value , in the ipo window you must choose sequence, then key from 0 to 1( min-max)

You need to fade in from black? You could add a color generator strip and fade that into you video strip.

its not necessary if it is from black.

OK. I did what you said (Fac IPO) and it works. Thank you.

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