Video test

Blender 2.6 + cycles
350 frames 1920 x 1080 30 sample/frame
15h rendering time


Claudio :o


Why did it take so long?

Two things, I am assuming it took that long because you have a really slow computer. And second, there is probably not a not of need to add the copyright to the video because you posted it in a public place (youtube). So you have proof of a creation date by a third party.

My computer is:

AMD Phenom 9950 quad core processor,
2.60 GHz
3.37 GB ram ( 4 GB - WIN XP pro)

I rendered with CPU, I haven’t cpu/gpu choice in blender.

I don’t want a proof of creation, but I don’t want that other use it without my permission:)

Sorry for my bad english :o
Claudio :smiley: