Video texture - Nothing is woring (solved)

Hi all,

Im yet another blender noob, so please be pacient.
I am working on a school project, due in 4 days, and I have one last problem with an animation i am making. I need a video texture. I have an avi file which was rendered by windows movie maker,using the save as DV-AVI. (see below).

It doesnt work - Not when rendering and not in th preview tab in the texture tab.

Here are 2 screenshots of what i have:

When i save it as DV-AVI in movie maker is it uncompressed?
Any help will be very appreciated, as this is due really soon.

Don’t use windows mavie maker, that’s all.
WMM will create window media player file, which is only playable in, well, windows media player. You better try to convert you avi to something Blender can understand. Anything in avi but not from windows media player.
Try using Mencoder to reconvert your avi in a more generic format.

Um, no Gabio, it can save as DV AVI too, which is what he’s doing.

I think this is probably the problem:

yea thanks i got it working now.

Theres just one last corny problem.

The rendered texture is upside down. I tryed changing the x,y,z values in the map input but i can figure out which combination to use. Ive been trying for the last 20 minutes. Does anyone noe the combination to flip a texture (rotate 180 degrees). The only thing that ive managed to do was flip it 90 degrees.


I hate to double post, im really sorry, but im in a hurry. I have until monday to get this working.

I rotated the cube 180degrees and now the texture is the right way up but now the problem is that even when my cube is rotating, the texture faces upwards.

my problem basically is that the texture doesnt rotate with the cube.

heres a pic of a 1 frame render and also the material panel

How can i get the texture to stick to the cube?


Click Orco in the Map Input panel, instead of Object.

To flip the image if it’s still necessary, change sizeX and sizeY to -1.

thank you sooo much… it finally works :smiley: