video textures in the game engine?

i’ve been working on a game for a local museum and i keep getting stuck on changing from scene to scene (they take too long to load). the solution that i was able to come up with was to use a video texture on a plane facing the camera within the game engine, but when i export the runtime it doesn’t show up. any ideas? i’m using blender 261, 262 had a bug with the video texture

i also can’t seem to get any more than one video texture up and running at any given time, i’m guessing this probably needs a bit of python coding that i don’t totally grasp just yet

i’d post the actual file but its pretty big

Video Encoding ? (which is different from file extension)

i’m using AVI jpeg,rendered out of blender it shouldn’t be a problem

here’s the regression file that i’m using as reference to work from, it’ll work fine inside of blender 261 if glsl’s turned on ;but if you try to use the save as game engine runtime addon and open it from the blenderplayer, nothing


VideoTextureDemo.blend (170 KB)

no one has any ideas?

If you’re on windows, I think there are additional dlls that have to be added in with the stand-alone executable.

I dont understand or theres something wrong, on that .blend, on the Outliner with DataBlock view it says:

Movies: 0, Sounds: 0, Speakers: 0

Try with File—External Data—Unpack.
On the Python you referenced a “trailer_400p.ogg” file on the current directory, which its not on the blend.


I fixed it for you:

If you’re on windows, I think there are additional dlls that have to be added in with the stand-alone executable.
im working on a mac but the final product is gonna be on a windows PC so this is good to know, is there anything special i’d need to do to add those DLL’s assuming i was on a windows machine? (i’m willing to bet that it’s a vary similar problem on the mac)

there’s something strange about the blend on my end, its all wireframes when it should show the textures or be solid

I got all textures on the original .blend, but no video, because no video for video…

@juancarlospaca heres the file with the trailor in it, i had some issues with the forum’s attachment system. sorry i didn’t pack the file initially

Very nice indeed, both off these files are working fine on my system after downloading the Big Buck Bunny ogv and changing the path to the file. This is under 2.62 as well.

Hello, same problem here! could you find a solution?