Video to SWF Converter

Hi, can anyone recommend any good free programs that can take a video file or series of images or FLV file and turn them into a standalone SWF file. Thanks.

its not free im afiad but the trile vertion works but leaves a water mark.
funnily i have been looking for exactly the same thing.
heres a link anyway
mediacoder does a nice job of making flv files and thats free but thats not what either of us are looking for.
hope some one knows of one!


after looking i think SWF or shockwaveflash may be fully owned by adobe in which case it is unlikly we will find a free converter.
anyway hopefully i am wrong and there is one out there some where

Thanks for the reply. Had a feeling it would be something like that, but it was worth a try.

here is a free one :

Cam studio SWF producer does the job, but the compression is awful and there are these weird black lines that pop-up all over the place.

Wow, Thanks! I’ll give it a try!

fantastic thanks!!! downloading now

sure :slight_smile:

I usually use the jpg2swf for my web graphics, that way you have lots of control over the filesize, and compression.
For quality I use the png2swf…
The AVI one is cool too, but the filesize is kind of big compared to when I render to Jpegs and then import the entire animation.

My favorite has been Super.