Video tracking and lighting changes

Hello. I’m new to Blender (about 1 month in) and have been trying to learn how to use tracking. I have successfully tracked several videos but I’m stumped on my current project.

The video is of a birthday party where several people are taking flash photos. Every time a flash goes off, all trackers stop tracking. Of course I can re-enable them and set their position, but there are over 100 flashes in the video and I have about 25 trackers. Is there a way to make Blender track the shapes in the pattern instead of the absolute pixel values?

I’m sure there is a more technical way of asking this question, but basically my thought is that a small spot on the floor is the same shape regardless of how it’s lit. However, Blender seems to match the color, brightness, etc. instead of the shapes.

Maybe this is something that just can’t be done at this point, but any help you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks!


As a possible solution, did you try resizing the tracker marks themselves?

Yes, I’ve tried that. I also tried changing the search area, but still no improvement.